Veterinary Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

Easy-to-use Diagnostic Device 

Principle of immunofluorescence.

● detection time is only 3 to 15 minutes.
Multi-language switching, simple operation.
The reagent can be stored at room temperature for up to 24 months.
Dry principle, no maintenance of the instrument.
● 7-inch ultra-sensitive, dust-proof, waterproof capacitive touch screen.
● High sensitivity and good repeatability.

● Wireless connection printer.

● Chip information supports ID card reading and U diskreading.

● Receive instrument abnormal information remotely.



cProg Rapid Quantitative Test

Prog is a natural progesterone secreted after the mature corpus luteum of the ovary, which has a significant effect on the morphology of the endometrium in vivo, and is an essential hormone to maintain the pregnancy of female animals.



● suitable animal:Dog

● sample type:P, S

● Sample volume:75μL

● testing range:1-50 ng/mL

● testing time:15mins

● 4-30°storage, 24 months shelf life