Mobile Progesterone Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

HV-MFA 300P (Handheld) is an instrument for quantitative or qualitative detection and analysis of progesterone content in pet serum and plasma samples by using fluorescence immunochromatography technology working with its matching detection reagents.


● Smart Android operating system
● Intelligent switching between internal and external power supplies
● Built-in rechargeable battery, easy to carry
● Multiple synchronous detection and information output with one card
● Dual mode detection (quantitative/qualitative)
● Time resolved fluorescence technique


Technical Features

Operating System:Built-in Android test management software
Operating Interface:Built-in Android test management software
Physical Size:240mm*90mm*65mm(W*D*H)
Instrument Weight:0.8 kg
Sample Type:Serum and Plasma (EDTA)
Interface Language:Chinese, English, other languages
Data Storage:ROM capacity: 8GB RAM capacity: 1GB
Built-in Battery:Removable rechargeable battery, standby time more than 72 hours , operate time more than 4 hours
Information Output:USB data exporting, thermal printing, and system uploading
Wireless Communication:4G, WIFI, Bluetooth
Image Processing:Built-in 500W autofocus camera
Working Environment:10 ° C-30 ° C Humidity ≤80%RH
Input Voltage:DC12V/5A

Canine Progesterone Rapid Quantitative Test(TRFIA)

Progesterone (Prog) was labeled with lanthanide chelates by time-resolved fluorescence lateral chromatography. The marker has the advantages of large Stokes shift (200nm), long half-life, strong anti-interference and high sensitivity, so as to effectively improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the product.



Specie: dogs

Sample type: serum, plasma

Sample volume: 75ul

Detection range: 0.1-30 ng/mL

Reaction time: 15min

Technique:Time Resolved Fluoroimmunoassay



Signification ng/mL nmol/L
Not in heat or proestrus <1.0


Pre-LH*surge/LH surge 1-3 3.18-9.54
Post-LH surge/pre-ovulation 3.01-4.99 9.57-15.87
At or near ovulation 5-12 15.90-38.16
Post-ovulation >12 >38.16